• Filter 

    With the new filter function, you can optimally adapt your shopping experience to your own preferences. How do you find your way through this huge assortment? With the new filters such as "Manufacturer" and "Availability", we can adapt to the preferences of our customers. We want you to get to the product you want as quickly as possible. 

    Comparison tool  

    To make your selection in our assortment easier, we have integrated a comparison tool for you. The comparison tool allows you to take a closer look at up to 3 articles. Thus, you can select the product that meets your needs and add it directly to the shopping cart. It is also possible to take a closer look at alternative products and easily compare them with each other. 


    Order Status 

    With the new function of mySchiessl you can view the current status of your order as well as all previous purchases at any time. The order status is divided into 3 statuses, which also differ in color. As soon as you move the mouse over them, the text appears, e.g. (quantity open). Thus, you can track the status of your order. 


    Search mode & availability

    In the search mode you are able to find products easily and quickly by order numbers, manufacturer numbers or by catchwords. The respective availability and quantity at a storage location are also shown.



    One click to the most important information

    Accessories, technical data, downloads, dimensional drawings or alternative products can be called up easily. Thanks to our extensive database you can also find information about the pre- and follow-up products and accessories – online shopping has never been that easy!


    Create PDF data sheet

    create your own PDF data sheet for every product. You can choose which information your data sheet should include as for example the product picture, the description, accessories, technical data and dimensional drawings, ... You can also decide how the price should be shown (without price, only the gross price or an individual price).


  • My account 

    News, existing shopping carts, open offers, orders, deposit packagings and much more… visible at a glance! The management of employees gives you a flexible organization of the rights on mySCHIESSL – you can decide for example which department or who has which rights (to see prices, orders, storage quantities, bills, downloads, etc.).


    Brochures - creation  

    Configure your own brochure as a PDF file for all items. You have a flexible choice of information that will be mapped to your own brochure. Choose product image, product description, accessories/spare parts, technical data and dimensional drawings, among others. Also the pricing is completely up to you (show without prices, show gross price only or store an individual price).


    Adress Managment

    Address management is primarily used to manage addresses and contact data. Under my addresses, you can always conveniently, save your addresses, edit and set as default.  



    QR code scanner

    Each product has its own QR Code - you will find it at the downloads. You can print these QR-Code and place them in your storage. When you scan the code with mobile version of mySchiessl it will be automatically placed in your shopping chart. 




    Interfaces are a program that can be used to exchange data between different systems. That is, interfaces form the transition from one system to another. This transition can be used for communication or data exchange. The specification of an interface defines common properties. This also includes a protocol for communication and data exchange.



    Product Finder

    The product finder helps customers to quickly find the right compressor or condensing unit. This means that the customer has the possibility to define the refrigerant and the type of application in the categories compressors and condensing units and also to narrow down the performance. In this way, you can quickly find the desired product.