Careers with SCHIESSL

Cooling technology – Jobs with prospects

Are you looking for a career in a successful international company? A varied job that puts you in the position of being a trendsetter in the cooling technology sector? A career with us offers all this and more. We are looking for people who work hard, are proactive and believe in what we believe. Degrees, training and school grades are not as important to us as what you have to offer. So show us what you’ve got!

What are we looking for? We are looking for people with real drive, team spirit and passion for their work. People who are above average and who will have an above average potential to achieve great things with us. People who like to think and like to act. People who love what they do and stick to what they believe. There are a wide range of positions available in the field of cooling technology that we are looking to fill with people just like this. Whether you have a degree or not, whether you have professional experience or not – we are looking for people who are just like us.

Why should you work for us?

What makes Schiessl an employer worth working for? Our unique corporate structure for example! We continuously work on and develop our company structure to build a strong cultural foundation in order to continue producing pioneering innovations and unique products. We also focus solely on the specialist field of cooling technology. We take on everything we do with passion, commitment and enjoyment – this is our common motivation. This is how a “normal” task becomes a personal passion. This is how a normal job becomes something that you enjoy doing – and when you enjoy doing something, you do it well. We also approach each other we respect and appreciation, which fosters a real sense of togetherness. Enjoyment and appreciation are paramount at Schiessl. Everyone can personally flourish and develop themselves together with us.

Cooling technology and associated jobs

As Europe’s leading wholesaler of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology and heat-recovery systems we always know exactly what we are doing. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, high degree of technological competence and unstoppable energy for innovation, we have been in business now for several decades. Apply now to become a part of our community! Make your contribution to continuing our success story by writing your very own. A large number of jobs are available in the field of cooling technology for which a wide range of different skills are required. Get to know substances like refrigerants from an entirely new perspective and discover the potential hidden within them.
Give us a call or write us an email if you too would like to become part of our community.

  • Unique corporate culture

    Pioneering innovations and unique products are only possible within a particular corporate culture. We are constantly adapting and developing this culture. A strong cultural foundation is the only way to support sustainable success.

  • Passion, commitment and enjoyment

    The passion to go beyond boundaries, think further and take new approaches - that is our common motivation. Enjoyment and commitment turns a normal job into a personal passion. Something that you can be proud of. Where there is something new to be proud of every single day.

  • We strengthen that which makes us strong.

    Our employees enjoy a strong sense of togetherness due to our mutual respect and appreciation. It is this togetherness that is an essential condition for a workplace in which enjoyment and appreciation are paramount. A workplace in which you can grow personally and develop together.

  • Continue our success story by writing your very own! Apply now:


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