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You can download our R32 calculator HERE.

Panasonic recommends using refrigerant product R32 as it is comparatively better for the environment. Unlike R22 and R410, R32 has no ozone depletion potential (ODP value = 0) and compared to R22 and R410A has a significantly lower greenhouse warming potential (GWP value). As one of the leading manufacturers of heating and cooling systems, Panasonic is conscious of its responsibilities. The company has always worked to find innovative solutions for optimising energy efficiency. We are doing our part to support the European Union’s programme for protecting the ozone layer and slowing the progress of climate change by promoting the change to using refrigerant product R32.
The R32 calculator from Panasonic provides help in this area. You can calculate the minimum area and maximum fill volume for the respective device.

Minimum area calculations and max. fill volume calculations for Panasonic R32 split systems for areas where people congregate in accordance with DIN EN 378

Calculation of the max. permitted R32 fill volume depending on the available area

The above calculations are based upon the following requirements according to DIN EN378-1:2018-04:

- Toxicity class R32: A
-    Flammability rating R32 2L
-    The interior device is installed in a publicly accessible area (a).
-    Location of the exterior device: Class II - Compressor in the machine room or outdoors
-    System classification: direct release system

If the available space is smaller than the calculated minimum area (Amin), you can use DIN EN 378-1, C 3 to check what additional measures can be taken, e.g. additional ventilation, refrigerant extraction, etc., in order to reduce the minimum area.
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