CO₂ equivalent calculator

You can download our CO2 equivalent calculator (version 11-2017) HERE.

Your CO2 balance at a glance with our CO2 calculator

Do you know what kind of effect you are making on the environment? Areas of our lives such as heating and electricity, food, mobility, consumption and others are key areas in which we can either help or harm our environment. You can now use our CO2calculator to find out your CO2balance and design your business and/or home air-conditioning systems accordingly. It’s simple: Download our CO2equivalent calculator for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, enter your data and view your results!

Our cars, homes or apartments, the food we eat and each journey we take all have one thing in common: They are all sources of CO2emissions. Using the Schiessl CO2calculator you can determine your ecological footprint to find out how environmentally friendly you are at present. Develop an awareness for climate protection and sensitise your business and your employees to this issue. What you need to do: Install the CO2equivalent calculator on your homepage and increase the awareness of website visitors of the need to protect our environment.

User-friendly software

It couldn’t be simpler: Download the CO2calculator. Open the file in Excel and click on “Enable editing” (see image below) and “Activate content” in order to use the program. You can then enter your data to calculate your values. You can print your results or close the application. Your results will indicate the extent to which the environment is at risk and where particular environmental influences can be avoided or changed. Increase awareness for climate protection with a scientifically developed tool.

Easily make a contribution to increased awareness with the CO2calculator

As you can see, it couldn’t be simpler. Our CO2calculator is uncomplicated and you have a simple overview of your results. This free service from Schiessl means you can quickly and easily enter data for different refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and see what kind of CO2emissions these result in. Our online shop also contains data sheets and safety certificates such as MSDS, REACH, RoHS and more – data sheets that are made available in Europe and many other countries on other continents and provide information on hazardous materials and preparations, quantity thresholds and other relevant data. Schiessl provides you with all safety related information about substances and preparations at a glance. We will be happy to assist you with the preparation of this data using our CO2equivalent calculator. Put your trust in our many years of experience and our innovative ideas that make us Europe’s leading wholesaler of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology and heat-recovery systems. We look forward to having you as our customer!


Detailed instructions

Open the file in Excel (see images below) and click on ENABLE EDITING and ACTIVATE CONTENT in order to use the program.

If no messages appear, go to FILE -> OPTIONS and click on SECURITY CENTER in the menu on the left. Then click on SECURITY CENTER SETTINGS. In this menu, go to MACRO SETTINGS. Select DISABLE ALL MACROS WITH NOTIFICATION. This option allows you to choose whether or not to run macros when opening a file.

You can now enter your data (all 3 fields must be completed) and click on CALCULATE VALES for the program to calculate your results.
Use PRINT RESULT to print out your results.
CLOSE APPLICATION on the bottom right of the window closes the program.