<p><span style="font-size:28px"><span style="color:#ffffff">WIPCOOL Tauwasserpumpen<br />
und Werkzeug</span></span><br />
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<p><span style="font-size:28px"><span style="color:#ffffff">WIPCOOL Tauwasserpumpen<br />
und Werkzeug</span></span><br />
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WIPCOOL Tauwasserpumpen
und Werkzeug




Mobile air conditioners and more ...
Innovative products that take you further!



The visual, modern and affordable upgrade
for heatpumps and air conditioners!

<p>New brand. Same quality.</p>

New brand. Same quality.

The "black" Danfoss fully-hermetic compressors are now called SECOP compressors.

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Product Finder

With our product finder you can find the right compressor or condensing unit quickly and easily.


    Price development 2022/2023

    We have compiled the price changes announced by the manufacturers for you so far.
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Product range

Whether refrigeration and air-conditioning technology or heat-recovery systems: you will always get the right products for your projects and competent advice from Schiessl. You can purchase our products in our branches or order them quickly and conveniently in our webshop! Our products are divided into 12 main groups for a better overview. The webshop follows the same system. Browse through our products at your leisure, you are sure to find what you are looking for!
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