Also this year, Schiessl participates in the heart's desires of the Kindertraum foundation. With a total of € 9,640, the wishes of Luca, Raffael & Lara will be fulfilled.

  • LUCA

    Therapy according to the Adeli concept

    Luca 15 years - He has a cerebral movement disorder and is dependent on aids such as a wheelchair and a computer with eye control. In everyday life, Luca can communicate with his family quite well through facial expressions and often likes to make jokes. Therapy according to the Adeli concept is intended to promote Luca's mobility, head control and muscle development. The programme includes a variety of neurophysiological exercises with the Adeli suit, which significantly increases the therapeutic effect on the central nervous system. The exercises activate the brain structures responsible for movement activity, alleviate pathological reflexes and accelerate the development of new physiological movement patterns. For Luca, autumn would be an ideal time for the rehabilitation programme.


    Animal Assisted Intervention

    Raffael 9 years - He has learning and concentration difficulties combined with ADHD. The 9-year-old is extremely intelligent, but has a shortened attention span and a rapid decline in concentration and perseverance. He attends the 2nd grade of a primary school and is particularly fond of animals. For this reason, Raffael's parents would like to enable their son to receive support with animal-assisted units: Animals in a therapeutic setting help, support and accompany, promote emotional closeness, physical warmth and the child's self-confidence. Last but not least, animals create an ideal balance to the learning situation and can set positive accents in case of recurring negative experiences. This not only has a positive effect on the overall development, but also results in increased motivation.

  • LARA

    Sensory integration in dialogue

    Lara 9 years - She has massive perceptual difficulties, combined with fears. The 9-year-old cannot be let out of her sight for a moment, as she is unable to assess dangers. At school, the girl has problems concentrating and often confuses letters. At home, Lara enthusiastically knots friendship bracelets and likes to do handicrafts. She is extremely sensitive and takes everything very much to heart. Sensory integration in dialogue is to support and promote Lara in the future. In this form of therapy, the sense of balance, tactile sense and depth perception are addressed, trained and improved. It is a dialogue therapy in which the child is actively involved through play. It leads to a better regulation of perception and thus to the development of physical and mental balance.

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