PANASONIC AQUAREA air to water heat pumps

Aquarea air to water heat pumps for commercial and private use

With models ranging from 3 to 16 kW, Aquarea air-to-water heat pumps cover a wide performance range to ensure the right system is available for every heating need. The cost-effective and environmentally friendly systems are equally suitable for new and old buildings.

Panasonic Aquarea offers a wide range of solutions to make your home more efficient and installation faster and cheaper.

Aquarea All In One units and Split Systems of the series LT, T-CAP and SQ (T-CAP "Super Quiet").

Aquarea LT
For new buildings and low-energy houses Maximum energy savings, minimum CO2 emissions, minimum space requirements. The LT models achieve impressive COP values, e.g. 5.33 for the 3 kW models of the J generation.

Aquarea T-CAP
For extremely low outside temperatures with constant heat capacity High heat capacity even at low outside temperatures. The T-CAP models can guarantee almost full heating performance and energy efficiency even at -20 °C outside temperature without the use of an electric heating element*.
Valid for combi hydromodules and split units at a flow temperature of 35 °C; monoblocs can be used down to -20 °C.

Aquarea T-CAP SQ „SuperQuiet“
A noise reduction of up to 10 dB(A) has been achieved for the whisper-quiet SQ models of the T-CAP series. This now even allows the installation of the highly efficient heat pumps in sound-critical environments.

T-CAP three-phase All In One units of Generation "H" Standard and SuperQuiet

T-CAP three-phase Split Systems of Generation "H" Standard and SuperQuiet

LT All In One units single-phase generation "J" with refrigerant R32


Aquarea LT Mono-blocs MDC generation „J“ for ­heating and cooling with refrigerant R32.

The Aquarea J-generation Mono-bloc air/water heat pump is easy to integrate into new or existing heating systems, regardless of the property type. For a house with low-temperature radiators or underfloor heating, our Aquarea high-performance heat pump is an optimal solution. It can work as a stand-alone module or be combined with an existing gas or oil heating system if required. 

  • Excellent heating performance, even at low outside temperatures
  • No All In One unit required
  • For new installations and low-energy houses
  • Outstanding efficiency and minimised CO₂ emissions
  • Cooling mode possible at outside temperatures >10 °C


Aquarea T-CAP Mono-blocs MXC generation „J“ for ­heating and cooling with refrigerant R32.

The Aquarea T-CAP monobloc systems of generation "J" with R32 are ideal for installation in new and old buildings when maintaining the rated output even at extreme outside temperatures is an important criterion.

Aquarea T-CAP with constant nominal output for low outside temperatures as well as for renovations and modernisations High heat capacity even at low outdoor temperatures. The T-CAP models can guarantee almost full heating power and energy efficiency even at -20 °C without the use of an electric heater*.
At 35 °C water flow temperature