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Panasonic Etherea room air conditioners – with the newest nanoe™ X-technology

The nanoe™ X function of the Etherea room air conditioners improves protection the whole day long. In addition, the units impress with their elegant design, outstanding energy efficiency (A+++), modern control also via voice control, maximum comfort thanks to optimum airflow with Aerowings 2.0, and easy installation and maintenance.

  • nanoe™ X improves protection the whole day (nanoe X generator version 2 integrated)
  • Two attractive housing designs in matte white and graphite
  • High SEER/SCOP values and energy efficiency classes
  • Aerowings 2.0 for maximum comfort
  • New intuitive remote control
  • Integrated WLAN adapter for instant connectivity via Panasonic Comfort Cloud app
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Housing and construction designed for quick easy installation


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  • 1. nanoe™ X improves protection around the clock

    The innovative nanoe™ X technology uses naturally occurring hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals), which have the potential to inactivate various pollutants such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, unpleasant odors and certain hazardous substances. This natural process has an extremely positive effect on indoor air quality and improves its protection around the clock.

    The performance of the nanoe™ X function will always depend on the size, characteristics and use of the room in which it is used; in addition, it may take several hours to achieve full effect. The nanoe X generator is not a medical device. The locally applicable building design regulations and hygiene recommendations must always be observed.

  • 2. Pleasing design and intuitive remote control

    The attractive new housing of the Etherea room air conditioners blends harmoniously with any interior design. The elegant design with smooth front surface made of a single casting also shines technically with a large discharge opening for strong, reliable performance. The straightforward design of the remote control enables simple, intuitive operation via five directly accessible buttons.

  • 3. Modern control via smartphone and voice control

    With the app "Panasonic Comfort Cloud" you have direct access to the Etherea device via a WLAN connection and can perform all operating functions (on/off, timer, etc.) with your smartphone. Operation via voice control is even more comfortable if you optionally connect the smartphone app with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa*.


    * Google and related product names and logos are trademarks of Google LLC. Amazon, Alexa, and all associated logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

  • 4. Maximum comfort and high energy savings

    Thanks to Aerowings 2.0, the Etherea units ensure maximum comfort in every operating mode through optimal airflow and high energy savings at the same time.

Cooling and heating with Etherea wall units

The Etherea wall-mounted units provide maximum comfort in any operating mode and at the same time high energy savings. Thanks to air-to-air technology, the air conditioners can cool and heat efficiently all year round, creating a comfortable indoor climate.

Etherea wall mounted units with improved airflow through Aerowings 2.0

Aerowings technology optimizes airflow for each mode by using two special air outlet louvers that can be independently aligned to provide more comfortable air distribution in the room.

In heating mode, the airflow through Aerowings 2.0 is concentrated and blown out downwards so that the heated air rises from the floor, similar to underfloor heating, and quickly fills the entire room.

In cooling mode, the airflow through Aerowings 2.0 is concentrated and blown out towards the ceiling, so that the cool air descends evenly from there into the room, without annoying cold drafts.