New Aquarea K & L generation of air-to-water heat pumps


The new K and L series brings heat pumps to a new level of comfort and efficiency, with an outstanding design and advanced features. The K-series is an excellent solution for new homes. The L-series, on the other hand, is the perfect solution for renovations where a high water outlet temperature is required.

The updated design of the outdoor units of both generations offers a high level of safety, as the units are hermetically sealed and can therefore be installed easily and flexibly. Generation K has a refrigerant connection between outdoor and indoor unit, while Generation L uses a hydraulic connection. The new Aquarea L series has been developed to make the most of the properties of R290 refrigerant, achieving a water outlet temperature of up to 75 °C even at -10 °C outdoor temperature. The L series is therefore particularly suitable for use in existing buildings and wherever high flow temperatures are required.


    • Ideal for retrofit applications when renovating a home with existing radiators
    • With natural refrigerant R290 
    • Providing a hydraulic connection between indoor and outdoor units 
    • Provide water outlet temperatures up to 75 °C down to -10 °C outdoor temperature
    • Hot water up to 65 °C without auxiliary electric heater for tank sterilization
    • Offers an enhanced design with a new, perfectly built indoor unit to complement your home, plus a renewed, architecturally appealing outdoor unit in anthracite gray  
    • Seamless connectivity integration with the possibility to integrate your WLAN module into the indoor unit

    • Ideal solution for new construction applications
    • With R32 refrigerant Maintains refrigerant connection between indoor and outdoor units
    • Providing water outlet temperatures up to 60 °C with outdoor temperatures as low as -10 °C
    • Available in High Performance and T-CAP series for extreme cold conditions
    • Offers an enhanced design with a new, perfectly built indoor unit that complements your home, plus a refreshed, architecturally appealing outdoor unit in anthracite gray
    • Seamless connectivity integration with the ability to integrate your WLAN module into the indoor unit
  • New Design 

    Seamless design with anthracite gray color for outdoor units.

  • High Efficiency 

    A+++ energy class with SCOP of 5,12*

  • Silent Running

    Reduction of the ERP level to 56 dB(A)*.

Quiet and more efficient!

Highest comfort

Both generations are characterized by low noise levels, which is particularly relevant for use in densely populated areas. With an improved SCOP of up to 5,12, they are also said to work more efficiently than the previous models.

They are also reliable at low temperatures. The new Aquarea K and L generations benefit from up to 8 dB(A) lower noise levels than previous models. This advantage makes installation more flexible by offering more placement options.

The devices can be controlled and monitored with the "Aquarea Smart Cloud" via a smartphone or PC. In this way, users can also be informed of any faults in the heating system.


Unique Design

The outdoor units and indoor units have been completely redesigned to fit modern architecture as well as traditional house types. They combine the best of Panasonic technology in a new, modern and high-quality anthracite housing for outdoor units.

  • White for the indoor units

    A premium white that stays consistent with the Aquarea spirit, highlighted by the seamlessly integrated controller that forms an elegant black band across the unit. The internal design of the units remains consistent with the previous generation and retains Panasonic's consistent strengths.

  • Anthracite gray for the outdoor units

    The outdoor units in anthracite gray color, which adorn the entire range, have been completely redesigned with an innovative design that will find its place in all places. The new design provides reduced noise level and increased safety when using R290.