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Innovative products that take you further!



NOVAER brings a breath of fresh air with sophisticated, forward-looking products, all in the areas of ventilation and air conditioning. For the private customer and the craftsman.

With offices in Munich and Hong Kong, we also offer extensive customer support.

We are dedicated to developing innovative product ideas that combine useful functions with contemporary design. A young team with international industry expertise and technical knowledge is continuously working on NOVAER's product lines.



NOVAER mobile air conditioners bring a decent cooling and some mobile air conditioners can also heat in winter. And our SALU CA 400 air purifier also brings more fresh air into your rooms.

All products are grouped by the theme of "air treatment" and offer contemporary design, smart solutions and quality for your home.

Here are some devices from our product portfolio:

    Novaer Klimagerät mobil INUK 2.6 C01

    Novaer INUK 2.6

    INUK 2.6 C01 mobile air conditioner provides pleasant cooling in summer, but can also ventilate and dehumidify in spring or autumn.

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    Novaer Klimagerät mobil INUK 3.5 CH01

    Novaer INUK 3.5

    INUK 3.5 CH01 mobile air conditioner provides pleasant cooling in summer, but can also ventilate and dehumidify in spring or autumn. In winter, INUK 3.5 CH01 can be used as a heater.

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    NOVAER K3 CH00 R290 Mobiles Klimagerät

    Novaer K3

    The air conditioner mobile K3 offers you reliable functions for all seasons: Ventilation in spring, a pleasant cooling in summer, dehumidification in autumn and heating in winter.

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    Novaer Luftreiniger back view SALU CA400 hinten frontseite vorne

    Novaer Air purifier SALU CA400

    SALU CA 400 is a particularly powerful air purifier. The replaceable H13 filter consists of pre-filter, HEPA and an activated carbon filter.

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These sets consist of two damping sockets. We also supply two sets of screws and two spirit levels.

Our damping sockets are made of recycled SBR rubber with ultra-fine granules bonded with polyurethane. This composition reduces vibrations and thus ensures a long life of the machines and equipment. They thus provide perfect and correct mounting of air conditioners (outdoor units) on the ground or on roofs.

Due to the prefabricated fixing points, it is possible to easily increase the socket with additional damping sockets.


Conceal the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system in a visually appealing way with the stylish and modern privacy enclosure from NOVAER.

The shapely and elegant housing fits seamlessly into your home.

  • Louvered or freeform laser cut design cleverly hides your outdoor air conditioner
  • Open back for maximum airflow
  • Easy to assemble
  • Powder coated aluminum construction
  • In anthracite (lamella) and white (lasercut) according to personal taste
  • Visual enhancement through attractive design
  • Available in three sizes


High-quality, pre-insulated copper pipe in single or double design in bundles of 20 / 25 meters EN 12735-1. Insulation consists of foamed PE-X. The pipe meets the requirements of building material class B s2 d0.

NOVAER copper pipe has insulation made of cross-linked foamed polyethylene with resistant outer layer.

Remaining length display: We save you the trouble of re-measuring or inaccurately estimating the remaining length. The meters on the insulation show you at a glance how many meters of copper tube you have already used and how many meters you still have available.


The NOVAER window seals allow the warm exhaust air of your mobile air conditioner to be easily transported outside through an open window or door.

The window seal is a very useful accessory for setting up a mobile air conditioner near a window. All sizes are easy to install between the window frame and window.
No drilling or cutting is required as it is a flexible polyester material with Velcro closure. This window seal holds the air conditioner exhaust hose so that the interior can be cooled more efficiently.

For this, the window seal is mounted on any window or door and the exhaust hose can be clamped into the window seal with the help of the zipper.