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  1. Download the Danfoss Ref Tools app to your smartphone for free.   
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  3. With a little luck you will win an original Leatherman - tool.

Period: 25.06.2021 until 25.08.2021

What is the Danfoss Ref Tools App and what can it do?
The indispensable smartphone app for refrigeration and air conditioning experts.

Get the guidance, support, information and tools you need - on-site and in the office. Ref Tools is a free and powerful all-in-one smartphone app that contains great tools that every refrigeration and air conditioning expert must have in their digital toolbox.

Ref Tools (formerly known as refrigerant sliders), represents the latest digital evolution in refrigeration. HVACR tools are getting smarter, better and more user-friendly. Ref Tools puts all of this in the palm of your hand.

You can now also subscribe to podcasts, enable notifications for new episodes, filter podcasts by language, and enjoy a new, optimized player in the Ref Tools app.

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Ref Tools Podcast
Apps & tools for daily work - with Frank Bahke

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Ref Tools includes eight of the most popular and useful virtual refrigeration and air conditioning tools:

  • Refrigerant slider

    As the Refrigerant Slider transforms into Ref Tools, it retains all the core features that have made it a hit with millions of refrigeration engineers around the world. You'll still find the Refrigerant Slider in Ref Tools, allowing you to quickly see pressure / temperature equivalents for over 80 refrigerants.

  • Low-GWP-Tool

    Use the "Low-GWP Tool" to find and compare climate-friendly refrigerants for retrofit by checking compatibility with the refrigeration system's thermostatic expansion valve.

  • Troubleshooter

    Troubleshooter allows you to interpret symptoms in a refrigeration system and find the cause. In addition, Troubleshooter makes pragmatic suggestions for solutions that you can try out.

  • Spare Parts

    With "Spare Parts" you can access an extensive list of Danfoss spare parts and service kits for refrigeration and air conditioning directly from the job site and identify the part number directly.

  • Magnetic Tool

    With "Magnetic Tool" you can test solenoid coils of solenoid valves quickly and easily and detect defects if necessary.

  • Product finder

    Search and share rich product-related data, including product specifications, documentation, and product visualizations.

  • Podcast

    The workday can be full and the road long. So relax a little with the popular collection of podcasts - subscribe and listen right in the app.

  • TEV Superheat optimizer

    TEV Superheat Optimizer - optimize superheat in less than 15 minutes. Using advanced algorithms, the TEV Superheat Optimizer provides valve-specific setting recommendations for optimal superheat.

A little more about the refrigerant slider

With the Refrigerant Slider, now part of Ref Tools, you can quickly calculate the pressure-temperature relationship for more than 80 refrigerants, including natural refrigerants such as ammonia and transcritical CO2. The refrigerant slider also provides you with information on each refrigerant, including global warming potential (GWP) and ozone depletion potential (ODP). You can toggle between IPCC AR4 and AR5 values, with AR4 values used in the European F-Gas regulation.
The refrigerant slide pressure / temperature calculations use advanced curve fitting models based on Refprop 10 results. You can see both dew and boiling points for refrigerants with glide in this.