R452A (Opteon™ XP44)


The refrigerant R452A / Opteon™ XP44 (mixture from R-32, R-125 und R-1234yf) is a non-ozone depleting, Hydroflourolefine based refrigerant with low GWP. The developement was as a replacement for R404A/R507A in Medium Temp and Low Temp applications with displament compressors, which depend on a reduced discharge temperature. R452A / Opteon™ XP44 qualifies for new systems and also for Retrofit. It delivers a equal energy efficiency with increased enviromental compatibility without an increase of the discharge temperature.

Find more information in the attached PDF-documents regarding  R450A / Solstice® N13 

R452A / Opteon™ XP44 Retrofit Guidelines

R452A / Opteon™ XP44 Product Information