HFO-1234ze (Solstice® ze)

HFO-1234ze (Solstice® ze) is a mildly flammable refrigerant which was developed to replace R134a in some applications.

HFO-1234ze (Solstice® ze) is partly mentioned a replacement for R134a, but the volumetric cooling capacity is 20% lower than R134a or HFO-1234yf. Also the relatively high boiling point of -19 degrees C limits the use for Low Temp applications significantly.

Because of this HFO-1234ze (Solstice® ze) is mainly used for chillers or High Temp applications as a pure substance.

HFO-1234ze (Solstice® ze) is also used in HFO/HFC mixtures like R450A as a component.

Solstice®ze  is classified according ISO/ASHREA class 2L refrigerant.


Chiller, High Temp applications

Find more information in the attached PDF-documents regarding R1234ze (Solstice® ze)

Solstice® ZE Brochure Fourth Generation LR 150115