Refrigerants, Oils & Cooling Brines

If you need high-quality refrigerants, oils and brines to successfully advance your projects, we will be happy to help you. The refrigeration and air conditioning technology specialists from SCHIESSL have exactly the product solutions you need. First, get your own picture of the top articles in our online category. We are there for you if you have any questions.

Finding the best offers for refrigerants, oils and brines is not particularly difficult in the generous SCHIESSL online shop. In this category you will only find products from well-known manufacturers such as Honeywell, Chemours, Fuchs, AquaConcept and many others. We are very well positioned for refrigerants and can not only offer you standard products such as R134a, R407C and R410A, but also many refrigerants with low GWP such as R448A, R449A, R450A, R513, etc.


Order refrigerants, oils and brines

If you want an experienced, reliable supplier who consistently provides you with high-quality refrigerants, oils and brines, you have found the perfect partner in SCHIESSL, the leading wholesaler in Europe for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat recovery. We do everything we can to meet your product needs in the areas mentioned. Even if your products and systems require special requirements, we usually have the ideal solution ready.

Here is a small extract from this category:

  • Refrigerants in classes A1, A2, A2L, A3
    • Refrigerant R134a
    • Refrigerant R513A
    • Refrigerant R450A
    • Refrigerant R449A
    • Refrigerant R448A
    • Refrigerant R452A
    • Refrigerant R404A
    • Refrigerant R407C
    • Refrigerant R410A
    • Refrigerant R32
    • Refrigerant R1234yf
    • Refrigerant R1234ze
    • Refrigerant R152a
    • Refrigerant R290 (Propane)
    • Refrigerant R600a
    • Refrigerant R744 (Carbon dioxide, CO2)
  • Refrigerant cylinders
  • Oils
  • Cooling brines