Our History



Foundation of the Robert Schiessl Kühlanlagen- betriebsmittel by Anni and Robert Schießl



Restructuring of the family business with extension of the shareholders



Foundation of the first location in Köln, Germany - More subsidiaries in Germany will follow



Construction of the first large-scale tank-filling system for refrigerant



Schiessl becomes international - Foundation of the Schiessl Kältegesellschaft mbH & Co. KG in Salzburg, Austria



The headquarter moved from Munich to Oberhaching



Foundation of the Schiessl s.r.o. in Prag, Czech Republic



Foundation as a joint venture Termo Schiessl Sp.z.oo. in Warschau, Poland



Foundation of the Schiessl GmbH in Minsk, Belarus



Stake in the company Soos & Partner AG, Hungary



Stake in the company Rosoos Frigotechnic SAL in Romania and foundation of the Schiessl GmbH in Kiev, Ukraine



Opening of the Frigosoos O.O.D. in Bulgaria



Foundation of the Schiessl GmbH Slovakia



Opening of the location Regensburg, Germany



Opening of the location Heusenstamm, Germany



Acquisition of Friosol AG, Switzerland & Foundation of the RT-Schiessl AS, Norway



Foundation of the Schiessl Italia GmbH and Opening of the first location in Italy, Meran