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A2L-capable condensing units from Danfoss for ultra-low-GWP installations

Danfoss Schiessl A2L Verflüssigungssätze Installationen Treibhauspotential Kälte Kältetechnik Klima Großhandel

With the introduction of the new Optyma™ condensing units and MTZ/NTZ compressors – Danfoss now has the broadest portfolio of A2L-capable refrigeration solutions compatible with R1234yf, R454C and R455A refrigerants. Valves and line components for A2L refrigerants have already been released in 2020.

With increasingly stringent requirements to reduce the global warming potential (GWP) of refrigeration systems, you now have the opportunity to initiate the transition to environmentally friendly operation by switching to A2L refrigerants with a GWP value below 150.

And because change takes time, Danfoss will guide you through the transition to environmentally friendly refrigerants with state-of-the-art expertise on the increasing requirements – and provide the products that are A2L compliant and safe to install.

A2L refrigerant in commercial refrigeration

A2L refrigerants are non-toxic and flame retardant and are increasingly seen as an easy way to reduce Global Warming Potential (GWP).

With the refrigeration industry now successfully driving down the use of GWP refrigerants, much more environmentally friendly refrigerants are being used for many appliances. The next step is to go even further and achieve extremely low GWP (global warming potential) levels.

Natural refrigerants, such as R290 and CO2, are being used for a wide range of applications. For professionals looking for a cost-effective option that maintains a conventional system design, A2L refrigerants are an excellent choice – which includes a GWP reduction of at least 90%.

Don't be put off by their flammability – with a few precautions, A2L refrigerants are safe and easy to use.

A2L-Kältemittel in der Gewerbekälte Schiessl Danfoss Kältetechnik Kälte Großhandel Großhändler Technik Montage

Extended capacity ranges for A2L condensing units

Leistungsbereiche A2L-Verflüssigungssätze Schiessl Danfoss A2L Verflüssigungssatz Kälte Klima Kältetechnik Schiessl Danfoss

Danfoss expands the refrigeration capacity range of its Optyma™ condensing units and launches A2L-compatible MLZ and LLZ scroll compressors

With the expansion of the refrigeration capacity range of Optyma™ Slim Pack and Optyma™ Plus condensing units – and the introduction of A2L-capable MLZ and LLZ scroll compressors (Generation B) – Danfoss continues its efforts to support your transition to very low global warming potential refrigerants with a complete portfolio of A2L-capable components and solutions.

A wider choice of cooling options with Optyma™ condensing units.

Compatible with A2L and A1 refrigerants – e.g. R1234yf, R454C and R455A – the future-proof design of Danfoss Optyma™ Slim Pack and Optyma™ Plus condensing units enables seamless conversion to very low global warming potential refrigerants.

This allows you to make the switch at your own pace – relying on the highly serviceable equipment you know and love, designed to operate safely and easily with A2L refrigerants.

With Optyma™ condensing units, you can achieve greater energy efficiency while reducing energy consumption and indirect emissions. This powerful combination results in an economically viable solution that you can implement today.


Optimized cooling for the future - today!