R455A (Solstice™ L40X) 


R455A (Solstice™ L40X) is a mildly flammable zeotrope mixture, designed as an alternative for applications in Low Temp, Medium Temp and High Temp systems. The ultra low GWP of 145 (below the 150 mark) qualifies this product as a long term solution in reference to the F-Gas Regulation.

This with a capacitiy similar to R404A and an invreased range of applications in comparison to R290 or high pressure AC refrigerants combined with a high energy efficiency.


R455A (Solstice™ L40X is an outstanding option for commercial Low-Temp applications like Plug-Ins, condensing units, Food service, water loop systems and similar systems.

In fact of the very low GWP, the wide range of applications, the high efficiency, the high critical temperature and the low critical pressure this products qualifies also for other potential applications like Supermarkets, Heat Pumps, Transport cooling and others.

Find more information in the attached PDF-documents regarding R455A (Solstice™ L40X)

R455A (Solstice™ L40X) – Product information