R454B (Opteon® XL41)

R454B (Opteon® XL41) is a mildly flammable refrigerant with low GWP based on Hydroflourolefines (HFO) for the replacement of R410A in new equipment.

R454B (Opteon® XL41) delivers the most balanced properties to replace R410A in air conditioning systems with direct expansion, heat pumps and chillers.

R454B (Opteon® XL41) is the Opteon replacement solution with the lowest GWP (78% reduction) and achieves a better Performance. R454B (Opteon® XL41) offers similar properties like R410A which allows an easy and cost effective transfer In new systems.

R454B (Opteon® XL41) is classified 2L according to ISO/ASREHA.

Please check local regulations and standards like PED, EN378 or ISO 5149 to check the refrigerant charge limits, safety precautions and handling of the systems.


AC systems with direct expansion, heat pumps and chiller.

Replacement for units which were operated with R410A like Single Split units, chiller and others.

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R454B (Opteon® XL41) - product information

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