R449A (Opteon™ XP40)


The refrigerant R449A (Opteon™ XP40) (mixure of R32, R125, R134a & R1234yf) is very similar to R448A and has more or less the same characteristics.

R449A (Opteon™ XP40) is a non-ozone depleting, on hydroflourolefine based refrigerant with a low GWP.

The propperties are a well balanced mixture of positive features and qualifies as a replacement for R404A/R507A in refrigeration systems with displacement compressors and direct expansion evaporators for commercial Medium Temp and Low Temp applications.

R449A (Opteon™ XP40) is usable for new systems and also for Retrofit of existing plants. It achieves a increased energy efficiency and also better enviromental performance.

With a GWP below 1500 it is below the limits of the actual F-Gas Regulation and so a long term solution.

Find more information in the attached PDF-documents regarding  R449A (Opteon™ XP40)

R449A (Opteon™ XP40) – Retrofit guidelines

R449A (Opteon™ XP40) – Product information