R1234yf (Solstice® yf)

Solstice®yf is a mildly flammable refrigerant (Hydroflourolefine) with an ultra low GWP which was originally developed for car air conditioning.

Solstice®yf is used in car airconditioning systems but in the meantime also used in stationary applications for cooling-, air conditioning and heat pump applications. Also it is used a an component for a number of HFO/HFC mixures.

Solstice®yf  is classified according ISO/ASHREA class 2L refrigerant.

Please check local regulations and standards like PED, EN378 or ISO 5149 to check the refrigerant charge limits, safety precautions and handling of the systems.


Car air conditioning, small stationary refrigeration systems, heat pumps

Find more information in the attached PDF-documents regarding R1234yf (Solstice® yf)

Honeywell Solstice® yf Guidelines

Solstice® yf Properties and Materials Capatibility 060115